What to Do If Your Car Insurance Claim Is Denied in Chandler

How to Fight a Denied Auto Insurance Claim in Chandler

What to Do If Your Car Insurance Claim is Denied in Chandler

When you are asked for a copy of your vehicle insurance policy and it states that you have to provide the driver's name and address, you can take some comfort in knowing that the proof of insurance must be attached. The implication is that if you refuse to produce the proof of insurance, your car insurance claim will not be approved and no compensation will be paid to you. Read on and learn what to do if your car insurance claim is denied in Chandler.

Insurance companies in Chandler need several pieces of information in order to process your claim. They want to make sure that you are operating within the insurance guidelines set forth by the insurance company. The information they require includes: your driver's license number, your driver's license status, your motor vehicle registration number, the date and time of your accident, your medical history, and details about the specific damages and injuries sustained by you. If you cannot produce these records when asked for them, your claim will be denied.

It may seem that if you have the name and address on your insurance policy that you are covered. However, when you apply for your insurance you are asked for your driver's license number. This information alone is not enough.

If your insurance company has not informed you that your driver's license will not work when asked for your policy details, you may still be covered. It may just be that the information that your policy requires is already in your file. The insurance company can still ask for it, but it may be easy to get around it if you know what to do.

Your driver's license number, driver's license status, and driver's license may all be available online. A quick internet search can reveal what your driver's license number was issued at, how long you have had it, where it was issued, and what license status you are in. In fact, this information may already be in your file.

If you have not been asked for this information in the past, you can still produce it today and receive your proof of insurance. There are companies out there that will help you request your driver's license number and obtain your record online so that you can submit the information. If your driver's license is in good standing, it may be easy to produce.

Another thing that you need to produce to prove that you are insured is the medical record. You may be asked to provide the names and dates of your injuries. Having this information in hand when requesting your proof of insurance may be helpful.

The list of your medical records should include any and all information from which the insurance company can make an accurate determination about your condition. This is why it is important to keep your medical records current. Nothing is more frustrating than having to file a claim because you have received a lower amount of compensation than you are entitled to.

Finally, you must produce the proof of insurance from your personal insurance company. This would include a certificate from your own company that shows your insurance policy and deductible. This type of evidence is not only needed by insurance companies, but it is also needed by your employer.

Since many insurance companies will not agree to pay out more than 50% of the actual value of the damaged, they have no choice but to pay out what they deem to be a fair settlement. It is also important to keep in mind that in many cases your personal injury attorney will be able to get the settlement reduced if the insurance company agrees to it. Therefore, if you have a higher than average deductible and were not at fault, you may be able to get your deductible reduced.

One thing to remember is that if you are denied in your car insurance claim, the request for proof will be denied in Chandler. This is even more important if you are receiving any form of negative feedback regarding your driving record from your insurance provider. A positive record will not get you your claim approved or rejected.

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